Hoffman Estates Chapter, The Links Inc.


The mission of the International Trends and Services facet is to expand the global platform for programs designed and developed to service the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world. All programmatic components of the facet are delivered through measurable and sustainable service delivery methods that reach women and their families.



Support for Haiti

The International Trends facet sponsored several lectures focusing on the problems caused by poverty, wars, and underdevelopment in the areas of South Africa, Haiti and the Sudan.


The most recent lecture in November of 2010 was talk on "Haiti after the Earthquake" presented by William Balan-Gaubert, PhD. Dr. Gaubert, Professor of History at the University of Chicago. He is a native of Haiti, and an expert on its colonial and economic history.


In addition to the lecture, the chapter established a partnership with the Good Samaritan School in Carrefour, Haiti which sustained serious damage during the earthquake. The chapter worked with the University of Iowa to purchased and deliver over 30 water purification kits. Each kit provided enough water to serve up to 3000 persons. The chapter also delivered three truckloads of clothing to Haiti children brought to Chicago as a part of the relief effort.

International Trends and Services

The Hoffman Estates sponsored the Nsunkumbili Primary school of Manguzi at Costal Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal Province.  The school serves grade 1 through 7 and has 160 students with 3 classrooms.

The Hoffman Estates chapter along with the Chicago Metropolitan Cluster sponsored the Mufu Primary school located in the area of Maphetheni and the town of Inanda in the KwaZula-Natal Province.  There are approximately 174 students in grades 1 through 4 with 7 classrooms.

The major goal of the International Trends and Services Facet (ITS) is to insure that each Link will  have a greater awareness of international events, affairs and issues through personal involvement, commitment and enrichment in the following program areas:


  • United National and Human Rights Day Observances
  • Great issue discussions
  • Financial assistance to the cause of internationalism
  • Special services to foreign guests
  • Information on international issues
  • African Water Wells Project
  • Haitian refugee issues
  • Building Schools in South Africa


The Hoffman Estates Links Chapter through its International Trends and Services (ITS) Facet provides ongoing supports for its schools in South African.  The chapter purchased a generator for the Mufu school due to the lack of consistent available electricity in the area.


ITS and The Arts Facets hosted a visual tour of an Africa safari for the girls living at the Larkin Center. The Larkin Center located in Elgin Illinois is a residence for children and youth with emotional and/or physical challenges.   The girls learned the art of African head wrapping and the different meanings of the various styles of head dress.  Each girl left with her own authentic African fabric designed for head wrapping. To demonstrate the beauty of the clothing and fabric of the region each Link in attendance was dressed in traditional African garb. 


The facet partnered with the Republic of Haiti Consulate, the South African Consulate and the Windy City and Lake Shore Links chapters to host seminars to educate links members on the culture and current issues surrounding people living in the regions. These seminars helped to educated links members on challenging health issues such as HIV-AIDS, cardiovascular disease and the issue of homeless children that plaque both areas. 


The ITS facet partnered with the Dogodogo Center to sell and showcase art from students residing at the Dogodogo Center.  The students choose “Peace” as the theme for their artistic expression.  The art was exhibited and sold with all 100% of the proceeds going back to the Center to further their mission to educate and the street children of Dar Es Salaam. The art was also showcased at the Gail Borden Library in Elgin, Illinois in celebration of Black History Month.  The Elgin community was educated on the mission and goals of the Dogodogo Center, and the impact AIDS and HIV have on African countries. 


The Dogodogo Center exists to educate and assist boys who have run away and are living on the street in Tanzania. Approximately 90 boys live at the modest house in the center of the city. Many of the boys arrived in the city alone from rural Tanzania. They lived in the streets of Dar es Salaam until they came to the center.  Many of the boys have had first-hand experience with child abuse and violence.  However, at the center the children get a rare chance of help. They receive counseling and shelter as well as schooling, marketable skill training and fine arts performance classes.